Diamond Certified: The Alameda Little League blog

Alameda is such an alluring city. From the moment you enter this enticing Island oasis, you know you are in a special place. I liken it to the “perfect town” in every American movie ever produced in Hollywood: Not quite Mayberry, but not a big city either. And what American experience would be complete without the slice of Americana that we call baseball? Read more >> about Diamond Certified: The Alameda Little League blog

Amblin' Alameda: R&R For avians

This time of year I never tire of the walk along Shore Line eastward into the bird sanctuary. The shorebirds are migrating and our little part of the bay is a smorgasbord for the dowitchers and their smaller brethren. Especially when the tide is out and the mud flats are exposed, the birds and their beaks are poking into the homes of the worms and mollusks just below the surface. The birds are light enough not to sink into the mud and their beaks are just long enough to reach the favorite food for each species. Read more >> about Amblin' Alameda: R&R For avians

Running in the 'Meda: Running in the rain

I ran a 10k a couple of Sundays ago. Yeah, the same Sunday it was raining cats and dogs.

Running in the rain can be fun. No, really. As long as you're wearing comfortable clothes, it's actually quite fun to run around, splash in puddles, hear your shoes going squish, squish, squish with every step. Running a race in the rain can also be fun, as long as you're not shooting for a particular time. I was running for a particular time, so ... Read more >> about Running in the 'Meda: Running in the rain