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Warning: Magic ahead

The last dog-leg of your commute to the Main Street ferry terminal contains a magic zone that starts just about where the first yellow arrow warning sign is, between Stargell and Singleton avenues. Its effect is most intense as you reach the second yellow arrow warning sign - so intense, in fact, that I've almost driven into that second sign as the illusion takes shape. Read more >> about Warning: Magic ahead

Terry on the Ferry: The woman with the blue face

Perhaps you've seen the woman with the blue face on the walking part of your commute from the San Francisco Ferry Building. She sits, often splay-legged, on the sidewalk in front of the Subway sandwich shop, staring at people walking by. Her gaze paints you like sonar seeking a target, which you are, and you can feel it.

Actually, her face isn't painted blue anymore; she changed it over the winter to a reddish-brown, and now it's kind of dotted. Her name is Deborah and she's working the commuter crowd for a living. Read more >> about Terry on the Ferry: The woman with the blue face