The Broad Brush: Your Alameda news in 60 seconds

The Broad Brush: Your Alameda news in 60 seconds

Michele Ellson

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Broad Brush, your weekly, two-sentence local news review. Here’s what happened on the Island this week.

Island drivers, prepare: Overnight closures of the Park Street Bridge began this week. The closures are scheduled to take place from 8:30 p.m. to 5 a.m. Sunday through Thursday until August 14.

Alameda’s Planning Board offered critical approvals Monday for a plan to develop a 68-acre slice of Alameda Point with new homes, commercial space, acres of parks and transit. The seven-member board voted unanimously to move forward with a development plan for Site A, which is expected to serve as the long-awaited catalyst for revitalization of the former Alameda Naval Air Station.

Our full tweet by tweet coverage of Monday’s Planning Board meeting is here.

With Site A and a second agenda item that went before the Planning Board on Monday, the city’s staff is attempting a grand bargain of sorts that would allow the far West End of the Island to begin its transformation into something other than a shuttered military base. This bargain must not only prove acceptable in a political climate driven by residents’ concerns about how long it takes them to get through the Posey Tube in the morning, it also needs to stay in compliance with 30-plus years of federal, state and local laws and agreements that govern housing development in Alameda.

Nearly 77,000 people now call Alameda home, new state data show. That's more than U.S. Census takers have ever counted on the Island before and a fresh increase in the Island's first real population rise in more than a decade.

With our proximity to the University at California, Berkeley, the Oakland Zoo, state wildlife parks, seminars and citizen science groups throughout the East Bay, Alameda adults and kids who love science have an incredible number of nearby options to fill their brains every month.

California’s record drought has kept water on the minds of the state’s nearly 39 million residents, and the East Bay Municipal Utility District’s recent announcement that customers may experience water with a bad smell or taste due to a change in where the water is being pulled from the reservoir has reminded folks in the Bay Area that quality drinking water is a luxury easily taken for granted. The water crisis makes research by companies like Liquidity, based right here in Alameda, all the more relevant.

News in brief(er): Alameda’s Harvey Milk Day Celebration is set for May 21 … Park Street’s Spring Festival drew crowds … a local Starbucks may soon add alcohol to its offerings … The Coast Guard transferred another cutter to the Bangladesh Navy … the co-owner of Al’s Barber Shop who went briefly missing on a camping trip in the Sierras opened up about the experience … and “High School Musical” is coming to the Island.