The Broad Brush: Your News in 60 Seconds

The Broad Brush: Your News in 60 Seconds

Michele Ellson

Welcome to The Broad Brush, your weekly, two-sentence news review. Here’s what happened this week.

For those who have had the pleasure of knowing him, this will forever ring true: The Rev. Roger Bauer is a man you won't forget. After more than three decades in Alameda, the Rev. Bauer is going back home.

The Department of Veterans Affairs is holding a public ceremony to commemorate the transfer of hundreds of acres of Alameda Point set to serve as a future clinic and columbarium site. The ceremony will be held from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. November 3 at the Alameda Theatre & Cineplex, 2317 Central Avenue.

Looking for information on California propositions and state candidates on the fall ballot? The folks at KQED News and The California Report have put together a handy guide explaining the half-dozen state propositions on the ballot and offering the quick and dirty on candidates for eight statewide races.

A federal judge who ruled earlier this month that a bankrupt California city’s pensions can be cut like any of its other debts is set to consider a contested exit plan that doesn’t contain pension cuts on October 30. So what does this mean for Alameda?

The Planning Board is set on Monday to consider signing off on a parking plan for the proposed redevelopment of the Del Monte warehouse. The parking plan and changes intended to make the streets that surround the Del Monte more bicycle and pedestrian friendly are all that remain subject to the Planning Board’s okay.

News in brief(er): A company run by former Tesla Motors engineers is coming to Alameda … A World War II airman whose remains were recently found is coming home to be buried in the Bay Area … Bank of Alameda parent Bank of Marin posted healthy third-quarter growth.