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The Maritime Report: AC34 is here at last

After all the jockeying and posturing that got the 34th America’s Cup to San Francisco Bay, after over a year of watching the AC45 catamarans racing around the Bay and in different ports around the world, after nearly a year seeing the AC72’s being designed, built and tested, and after the last two months of uncertainty and arguments following the tragic death of Artemis Racing’s Andrews “Bart” Simpson, the event has finally arrived. Read more >> about The Maritime Report: AC34 is here at last

The Maritime Report: For June 27, 2013

Blind sailor Mitsuhiro Iwamoto at the 2012 California Invitational Blind Sailing Regatta in Alameda. Photo courtesy of the Island Yacht Club.


A friend e-mailed me a newspaper article on Sunday with the dateline Sendai (Kyodo) Japan. The lede reads:

Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force on Friday rescued a blind sailor and his supporter in the Pacific off northeastern Japan after their small yacht was flooded with seawater, the Japan Coast Guard said.

The Maritime Report: For June 20, 2013


Up front this week, a reminder that Summer Sailstice, the worldwide event promoting sailing as a sport for everyone, happens at Encinal Yacht Club in Alameda this Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Come out and enjoy music, food, information booths and LOTS of activity on the Estuary! This is an event aimed just as much at folks who have never been out on a boat as at seasoned sailors. Bring the kids; there are opportunities for them to experience sailing a small boat out on the water as well. Watch the "Estuary Stroll" (and informal parade of sailboats doing a big oval up and down the Estuary) and the "Sir Francis Chichester Race" (little Laser sailboats will circumnavigate Alameda Island). Read more >> about The Maritime Report: For June 20, 2013

The Maritime Report for May 23, 2013

The MV Cape Orlando. Contributed photo.

There were some interesting stories around the America's Cup this week. As I wrote in this space last Friday, the committee charged with reviewing what happened to Artemis Racing's "Big Red" AC72 was meeting; their first press release was very positive about how all the teams are agreeing to work together with the committee members, but expressed disappointment that Italy's Luna Rossa team was not going to abide by the committee's request not to restart AC72 until May 23. Sure enough, I went out to Ballena Bay on Monday and could see Luna Rossa flying around out in the South Bay. (If you have a marine VHF radio, the teams call in to Vessel Traffic Control when they're heading out to practice.) Read more >> about The Maritime Report for May 23, 2013