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Amblin' Alameda: Toothache

Nothing quite focuses the attention like a toothache. Invisible to others, it comes to dominate one's life with its single-minded insistence on being attended to.

Other wounds to the flesh can accomplish the same sort of focus, but only for a while. Usually one can eat and drink and read or watch TV to distract oneself, but a toothache is in a class by itself. Eating and drinking become problematic, and distraction becomes nearly impossible. Read more >> about Amblin' Alameda: Toothache

Amblin' Alameda: Neighborly

For the past several weeks my sweetie has been reading aloud to her granddaughter from Harper Lee's "To Kill A Mockingbird," while I eavesdrop from my chair in front of my computer screen. The life described in the book, which takes place in a small town Alabama in the '30s, is predictably full of racism and ignorance and rife with the sort of "neighborliness" we tend to glorify in our re-write of the American past. Read more >> about Amblin' Alameda: Neighborly

Amblin' Alameda: Vernal equinox

We've been altering our east-west route across the city to drive on Central Avenue as often as possible this past week. This winter has been unusually mild, even for the Bay Area, and the trees that line Central have been emerging from their winter hibernation somewhat earlier than usual this year.

At first only a hint of light green was discernible on the trees, but then, day by day, the foliage began appearing in its inimitable magical way. By this time next week we fully expect to once more drive down the road beneath a green and shady bower. Read more >> about Amblin' Alameda: Vernal equinox

Amblin' Alameda: Park Street for linner

Here's the thing. Aging imposes new rules on living, and one whole subset of rules governs eating: when, how much, how often and how bland. It also drives bedtime ever closer to getting-out-of-bed time.

Where once we happily played adult games all night and into the morning hours, we now eye the approach of 10 p.m. with a new version of "bedroom eyes" which ask the question, "Wanna go to bed?" where "bed" now means "sleep," unlike the days of youth when it meant no sleeping tonight, oh boy! Read more >> about Amblin' Alameda: Park Street for linner

Amblin' Alameda: Watermelon art

We experienced another "king tide" last week, but since we didn't visit the Pacific Coast (living here on the bay as we do), we despaired of seeing any of its effects. Perhaps "despaired" is too strong a word for the momentary twinge of regret we felt, but having been alerted and re-alerted and re-re-alerted by the local weather people to its effects, we felt an understandable urge to participate and revel in its once-in-a-season occurrence. We were serendipitously rewarded with a full blown piece of evidence of its power and existence. Read more >> about Amblin' Alameda: Watermelon art

Amblin' Alameda: Alameda cats

Let me begin by saying that there is no single way to be a cat keeper. Just as there is no single way to be a human being, there is also no single way to be a cat, so the permutations of relationships are practically endless.

Among our friends and acquaintances are those who keep multiple cats and find that cages are necessary to give them all their own space and to keep them safe from their cat cohabitants and also, to provide multiple sand boxes for cat excrement. Read more >> about Amblin' Alameda: Alameda cats

Amblin' Alameda: The rains came

After the long dry spell, the rains came! As befitting Alameda however, the rains came overnight, the winds stayed reasonable and Saturday morning dawned bright, sunny, mostly under clear skies and sparkling with the beads of water that had fallen through the hours of darkness. A dry Saturday morning means a trip to the farmer's market, and so we hied ourselves thitherward. Read more >> about Amblin' Alameda: The rains came