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Today, we’re kicking off our Election 2014 fundraising drive. Our goal is to raise $1,000 to make sure you know who’s running, how they’d vote on the issues they’ll confront if elected, what their track record has been on major local issues and who’s paying for their campaigns.

The past week alone brought queries about the apparent return of anchor-outs to the Alameda/Oakland Estuary, the dismantling of a dock that doubles as a home for a family of seals, the grand opening of Alameda’s first affordable housing complex for developmentally disabled people, some upcoming car wash fundraisers that will showcase water-saving efforts in the face of California’s drought and the overhaul of the city’s Mif Albright golf course. All of these stories are worthy of exploration. And with a little help from you, we may be able to cover more of them.

A few weeks ago the head of Digital First Media – the private equity-backed company that owns the Oakland Tribune, San Jose Mercury News and most of the other daily papers in the Bay Area – announced the company was shuttering Project Thunderdome, a 50-person outfit that provided business, technology, health and other news to dozens of the company’s papers across the country.

Got questions about the city's plans for Alameda Point? City Manager John Russo says he'll answer them, here on The Alamedan. You can e-mail your question to me at michele@thealamedan.org this week or just post it in a comment on the site, and I will pass it all along. In the meantime, you can scan all of our Alameda Point coverage here.

This is an exciting week for us here at The Alamedan: On Friday, we turn the corner on two years of providing you high-quality local news coverage and a voice in local affairs. I’d like to thank you for reading, and for your story ideas and support of our work.

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Are you interested in the future of Alameda Point? If so, we’ve scheduled a meetup where you can share your ideas on the Point with other like-minded souls.

The Alamedan’s Alameda Point meetup will take place from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Friday, January 31 at Blue Danube, which is on the corner of Park Street and Alameda Avenue. There’s no charge to come and share your thought on the Point, and Blue Danube has coffee, wine, sandwiches and treats available to purchase and enjoy.

The crew here at The Alamedan is looking forward to providing more of the news that matters to you in 2014, and we could use a little help doing that. We’re looking for a few good folks to help us broaden our coverage of the Island.

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