Despite what you may hear, most landlords are not raising rents by double digits, several landlords said Wednesday night.

Island residents beset by rising rent costs got a chance to air their grievances at a community meeting Wednesday night.

A computer hacker apparently shut down the city’s website this weekend.

Saturday night at sundown I was walking along Shore Line Drive next to the beach when I saw three jet boaters heading at full throttle toward the Bay Farm Bridge. By the time I got to the bird sanctuary observation deck, I could see the three jet boaters stuck in the mud.

Alameda Fire Chief Mike D’Orazi is retiring, again.

D’Orazi is leaving the Alameda Fire Department on December 27 after serving as its chief for the past three and a half years. City Manager John Russo is appointing Deputy Chief Doug Long as his interim replacement.

“Chief D’Orazi has been a visionary leader in the fire department,” Russo was quoted as saying in a press release issued Monday. “We will miss his experience, wisdom, and future oriented perspective.”

Long joined the Alameda Fire Department as a firefighter, in 1988.

On a warm, dry November night, officials of the East Bay Municipal Utility District discussed plans to respond to the current drought by financially rewarding residents in Alameda and the district's other cities who save water and penalizing those who squander it.

A federal judge who ruled earlier this month that a bankrupt California city’s pensions can be cut like any of its other debts is set to consider a contested exit plan that doesn’t contain pension cuts on October 30.

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Christopher Klein ruled on October 1 that Stockton’s pension obligations aren’t more sacred than any other debt the city owes, clearing the way for potential cuts. But city leaders argued in court that they don’t want to cut pensions, fearing that cuts would impact the city’s ability to retain and recruit workers.

Emergency calls placed in the wee hours of September 28 paint a dramatic picture of the impact of a series of fires that ripped through a seven-block radius on and around Park Street, recordings obtained by The Alamedan show.

“There’s a woman screaming for help. There’s a fire in the back of her house. She’s screaming for help. Hurry!” a woman who called at 1:37 a.m. about a fire at a home on the 1300 block of Regent Street told dispatchers.

While on hold, a woman – whether it’s the same caller or another is unclear – can be heard telling another person to go to the neighbor yelling for help.

A few hours north of San Francisco, in the Mayacamas Mountains, sits the world’s largest geothermal field. The Geysers steam field covers more than 2,000 acres and provides electricity to thousands of Californians, and Alameda Municipal Power owns a significant share of its output.

Alameda police are rescinding a ticket they gave a homeless veteran on a charge he was illegally living in his car.

On October 1, the department asked the Alameda County Superior Court to dismiss a ticket issued to Aaron Colyer after police found him sitting in a parking lot in his van. And Alameda’s top cop confirmed the city may revise the ordinance that Colyer, 34, was cited under.

“I'm happy that the City of Alameda has agreed to stop violating the constitutional rights of homeless persons and hope that all homeless people will now come park in Alameda where they will be safe from harassment, threats and intimidation for existing,” Colyer said.