I would like to thank the many generous donors who supported the Alameda Education Foundation’s Adopt A Classroom program in February and March.

When big companies move to a new city, they often talk about how they want to give back to the community. VF Outdoor puts their money where their mouth is.

Thank you Alameda for voting Meals on Wheels as one of your favorite non-profit organizations.

The land swap involving the Alameda Unified School District, the City of Alameda and the Alameda Housing Authority is getting a lot of attention, and rightfully so. This deal, which has been reported to have been the subject of many closed sessions of the City Council and school board, seems to have been in need of some “sunshine” to get the facts out, to provide public input to the City Council and school board as they gave direction to staff and to preserve an accessible public record of discussion, direction given and decisions made by these governing bodies.

Ask any Baby Boomer about their fondest memories of growing up in Alameda, and the conversation will inevitably turn to playing baseball in the old "T-shirt" league.

I cannot attend tonight's meeting on the future of Isabelle's Bench in Jackson Park. I would like, however, that my comments, in the form of this letter, be added to the official minutes of the meeting and considered by the Commission.

After reading this story (“Police draw weapons on Park Street following gun report,” March 1) and the comments, I would like to shed some light on the circumstances surrounding this incident and clear up any confusion about what our officers can or cannot do when it comes to drawing or displaying their weapons.

Alameda Music Project (AMP) is a tuition-free, after school music education program currently piloting at Maya Lin School.

January was a very busy month for the Alameda Education Foundation.

State law *permits* but does not *require* public agencies to negotiate real estate deals, like this Alameda Unified School District/City of Alameda land swap announced yesterday, in closed session.