Imagine you operate a business at Alameda Point. During Thanksgiving weekend, you lost power for 30 hours and experienced total failure of your telecom and internet service during the busiest shopping weekend of the year. The fact that 60 other businesses at Alameda Point shared your pain was no consolation. Several weeks before the power failure, a major water line break resulted in decreased water pressure to your business. These are the latest in a series of infrastructure mishaps you’ve endured in recent years.

In this season of thanksgiving, I would like to thank the many in our community who supported Alameda students and teachers through the Alameda Education Foundation’s Adopt A Classroom program.

Dear Editor:

Tim Lewis Communities wishes to respond to Mr. D’Amico’s letter in the Alameda Sun regarding truck activity at the Del Monte warehouse, which we understand has been a nuisance to neighbors.

To clarify, Tim Lewis Communities is not the owner of the Del Monte warehouse; DAMCO leases space from the current owner. Tim Lewis Communities is in contract to purchase the property and currently has a plan before the city to transform the site into an updated mixed-use development with housing, walkable retail and a revitalized waterfront. Our plan will permanently eliminate truck activity and traffic to and from the warehouse.

On November 4, almost two in three Alameda voters passed Measure I, a facilities bond that will provide $179.5 million for our community’s schools. This result means the economic health of our school district’s facilities, and our entire community will be greatly improved. This letter is simply to say thank you to all those who voted for the bond, and a special thanks to all of those who contributed to the Measure I campaign: Thank you.

Since the former Naval Air Station closed in 1997 and the Alameda community lost over 15,000 jobs, developers have come and gone with their ideas of what Alameda Point should become. Recently, the city took control over the planning process and worked closely with the community to document and adopt the community’s vision of what it wants to see at the former base: a mixed-use transit-oriented community that replaces lost jobs and creates world-class waterfront park amenities.

The first of three public meetings to discuss the issues tenants and housing providers are facing in Alameda is set for this coming Wednesday, November 12 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the Social Hall at Mastick Senior Center, 1155 Santa Clara Avenue.

Earlier this year, the City Council voted 3-2 to grant a request from both tenants and landlords to give the two groups the opportunity to work together and make recommendations to the council instead of creating a city-sponsored task force. I am a local community facilitator who has assembled tenant and landlord stakeholder groups, and I will gather information and identify renter and landlord issues.

On Tuesday I received a message on our home machine from a “Deputy Mike Crawford” of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department, asking me to return his call as soon as possible. With my husband at a dinner meeting, I was looking forward to an evening of having the house, the fridge and the remote to myself – watching baseball (or not), ironing, or not, cooking, or not. Heaven! But I didn’t want the message hanging over my head, so I returned the call.

Deputy Crawford confirmed my middle initial, recited our street address, and sounded every bit like an Andy Griffith deputy. Polite, friendly, professional.

As a longtime Alameda resident, I get the desire to protect what we have. So I support careful review of any development that might impact our quality of life, after the facts come out. I’ve lived here long enough, however, to know that emotions don’t always wait on facts, so even though I personally have decided to wait until the studies are released regarding the proposed new Harbor Bay Club project, I’m not surprised by some of the premature jabbing going on.

THANK YOU! Our Alameda community has been simply amazing in reaching out with copious time, abundant resources, heartfelt dedication and continuous energy in assisting all efforts to help arson victims from the multiple fires that took place on September 28.

I am ashamed at the vitriol being expressed by so many of you against the Alameda Sun, which is owned locally. Are you trying to take away the owners' income and force the closure of a local business?