Letters to the Editor: Fence a bad use of funds

Letters to the Editor: Fence a bad use of funds

Letters to the Editor

This fence is the most cynical use of school district funds I can think of. It seems that the school district is willing to use a lot of money on a very fast track just to show us how dire the situation is with regard to earthquake renovation. And, really, what good is the fence going to do? What if someone is walking next to the fence, into one of the adjacent areas of the school, which are apparently retrofitted. Will the bricks/debris from the un-retrofitted portion fall only in the direction of the fence, and no further? This seems ridiculous!

Steve Ball

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Submitted by Page Barnes on Wed, Sep 19, 2012

Maybe we should get rid of fire extinguishers too because if it's a really big fire, they'll be useless! I mean how often do Alameda schools catch fire? Not that often, right? And have you ever heard of anyone spontaneously combusting at an AUSD site? I certainly haven't! And who's to say that a fire extinguisher will be handy the next time someone spontaneously combusts? So investment in fire prevention seems like a cynical use of school district funds too.

This seems ridiculous indeed!

Submitted by Michele Ellson on Thu, Sep 20, 2012

Hey folks,

Just a reminder that we are endeavoring to foster a respectful dialogue here at The Alamedan and in that light, I'd appreciate it if we could engage in a constructive manner that is respectful of differing viewpoints. Thanks for your cooperation!

Submitted by Bob on Thu, Sep 20, 2012

With all due respect,

The HAHS perimeter fence is a visually imposing structure with steel I-beam posts and wood lagging, however the chain link fence does not function as a protective debris barrier any more than standard chain link fencing. The no-climb chain link fabric is attached to the street side of the posts with wire ties – a standard detail. Loads due to falling debris are not supported directly by the I-beam posts, merely the wire ties. The fence has no horizontal structural members higher than the wood lagging at the base.

The fence is not an engineered protective structure – merely an expensive public statement by the school administration.