MAP: Sidewalk repairs, 2013-14

MAP: Sidewalk repairs, 2013-14

Michele Ellson

Map by Michele Ellson. Data courtesy of the City of Alameda.

The city is slated to spend $867,000 through the end of June to fix sidewalks at 500 different locations across the Island. Will they fix one in your neighborhood? We've plugged the city's sidewalk repair list into this handy map, which you can use to find out what is (or isn't) getting fixed in your neighborhood.


Submitted by Carol Parker (not verified) on Thu, Nov 14, 2013

There are two seriously dangerous spots on the sidewalk on Island Drive. One is along the side of Earhart and one is further up on Island towards Doolittle. Both have been patched before, but still rise up far out of the ground. I only see what looks like one repair on the map on Island. I think they are missing the one closer to Doolittle.

Submitted by NJHorton (not verified) on Thu, Nov 14, 2013

There's a sidewalk repair planned right in front of my house. I was a little peeved that the No Parking dates run from 11/11 to 11/22 -- I didn't get why the City couldn't pinpoint the date better than that. Now that I see the scope of the job, I guess it makes sense. But, there are many repairs planned in our neighborhood, and quite a number of us can't park in front of our houses during those days.

Submitted by Steve Gerstle on Thu, Nov 14, 2013

The vast majority of the sidewalk repairs are in the East End and on Bay Farm Island.

Submitted by Low (not verified) on Thu, Nov 14, 2013

Make it a city requirement to install root barriers whenever planting new trees on sidewalk strips

Submitted by Kristen (not verified) on Sat, Nov 16, 2013

How does one recommend a sidewalk repair to the City? We have some 1920s-era sidewalk that is literally crumbling away, but it doesn't appear on the repair map, so I guess our street was not included in their survey. We live on the West End.

Submitted by Cathy Nielsen (not verified) on Sat, Nov 16, 2013

Looks like we are not slated to be repaired. Our sidewalk/curb has been damaged and is blocking the drain.
How can I put in a request to get it repaired

Submitted by lgarland on Sun, Nov 17, 2013

Hi All, to propose locations for sidewalk inspection and repair, either call Public Works at 747-7930 or go to Alameda Access at, and then navigate to Street Maintenance/Sidewalk Repair. Thank you! Liam Garland, Public Works

Submitted by John-Michael (not verified) on Sun, Nov 17, 2013

Our sidewalk isn't on the list. They came out this year and added blacktop asphalt to create a temporary grade but its worn away and the city tree has pushed the sidewalk up even further.

Submitted by Sandra Gumpert (not verified) on Wed, Nov 20, 2013

There is a dot on the map at 1620 Lincoln - a long-time flood spot, every time it rains - but the description is for 500 Lincoln. How can we verify if this spot is on the docket for sidewalk repair?

Submitted by Michele Ellson on Wed, Nov 20, 2013

Hey Sandra - Just checked the spreadsheet I got from the city and it shows a repair at 500 Lincoln, nothing for 1620. Sorry if it's showing up that way, I will check that out.