Today's news: Hospital managers shift care mix

When we opened our doors just a little over a month ago, we promised to keep you up to speed on issues that we think you need to know more about. Today's piece is the first of what we're sure will be many on Alameda Hospital, and its management's efforts to right the hospital's long deteriorating finances. As it turns out, hospital managers are making some major directional shifts that they hope will help them keep the hospital's emergency and urgent care services available to Alameda residents, who voted a decade ago to pay a parcel tax of $298 a year to keep Alameda Hospital open. You can click here to learn all about those efforts.

While I'm here, I want to offer you the exciting announcement that we'll have a guest editor for a few days next week. Longtime reporter and former Alameda Journal editor Lucinda Ryan will be ably tending to your news needs on Tuesday and Wednesday (look for her stories Wednesday and Thursday).