Today's news: Councilman asks for campaign finance rules

City Councilman Doug deHaan is asking his dais-mates to once again consider long-discussed campaign finance rules. The council is scheduled to take up deHaan’s request at its regular meeting Tuesday. DeHaan also wants city staff to conduct an analysis of campaign finance activities for the November 2010 election to see whether they would have complied with a proposed ordinance that was at the time being vetted by the city’s Sunshine Task Force. Being the enterprising people we are, we've already done that. Wanna know what the ordinance would do and what it won't do, and what that means in the context of a real live election? You can find out by reading our piece today.

And while I'm on it, I want to thank deHaan and the League of Women Voters' Karen Butter for graciously submitting to interviews twice - once on Friday, and again on Sunday after my computer died, taking my interview notes to its cyber-grave. We appreciate folks' willingness to help us keep you, dear reader, in the loop.