Amblin' Alameda: Toothache

Nothing quite focuses the attention like a toothache. Invisible to others, it comes to dominate one's life with its single-minded insistence on being attended to.

Other wounds to the flesh can accomplish the same sort of focus, but only for a while. Usually one can eat and drink and read or watch TV to distract oneself, but a toothache is in a class by itself. Eating and drinking become problematic, and distraction becomes nearly impossible. Read more >> about Amblin' Alameda: Toothache

Michele Ellson

Harbor Bay ferry riders who are struggling to find someplace to park may soon have new legal, on-street options. But some homeowners who live near the ferry terminal say they want better parking enforcement, not relaxed restrictions.

The Transportation Commission is set to consider relaxing parking restrictions temporarily on a section of Adelphian Way and permanently on a portion of Harbor Bay Parkway, opening dozens of spots for ferry riders. The commission is slated to take up the matter on Wednesday night. Read more >> about For ferry riders, easing of Harbor Bay parking restrictions proposed

Dennis Evanosky

Vigilante James Farwell, consul Frederik O’Hara Taaffe, steamboat captain Robert R. Thompson and their families once lived on an estate that today’s Alamedans know as Lincoln Park. Read more >> about Alameda in history: The first families of Lincoln Park

Michele Ellson

Over the past several months I’ve posted pieces on the phenomenon of rising rents to this blog, in an effort to explain what’s happening with the local rental market, why, and what is (or isn’t) being done to address those issues. (I’ve posted additional stories on rising rents and declining availability outside of the blog; more on those in the paragraphs that follow.)

The story is a big one for Alameda, with potentially broad implications for the face of our community: More than half of the Island’s residents are renters, according to 2010 Census data. Read more >> about Rents Blog: The wiki edition

Dave Boitano

Image courtesy of the City of Alameda.

Ferry boats carrying passengers across San Francisco Bay will be coming to Alameda for fuel and maintenance someday soon, the City Council decided Tuesday night. Read more >> about Council okays lease for ferry maintenance building