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In his June 11 commentary in the Alameda Sun, John Knox White, a city Planning Board member, attempts to defend that the analysis for the environmental impact report for Alameda Point’s 1,425 homes and 9,000 jobs will result in net-one-car-off-Island during the morning commute. Read more >> about Letters to the Editor: Point traffic figures flawed

Growing Up in Alameda: Motorcycles! In the living room?

Station 1, mid-1970s, 1 a.m.

The crew was catching some ‘zs. I awakened to the voice of Archie Bowels and the often-heard phrase, “Alameda Fire Department.” The plea of a female voice on the other end was alarming.

“There’s fire coming out the windows of a house across the street and people are trapped!” she said.

Before the lights turned on and before we were dispatched, the beds were emptied and everyone was moving down the stairs and across the apparatus room to the rigs. I was driving Truck 1; Otis Clifton was driving Engine 1. Read more >> about Growing Up in Alameda: Motorcycles! In the living room?

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Amblin' Alameda: Haircuts

My ambivalence about hair cutters began long ago and far away, in the wilds of the East Bronx at the end of the 1940s. I was about 10 when my mother sent me to get my haircut at the regular place (the local barbershop - they were barbers before they became hair cutters) trusting that I would come home looking as I always did after one of these visits. Read more >> about Amblin' Alameda: Haircuts

Dennis Evanosky

Alameda’s West End served the railroads well in the 19th century. But the East End also played an important role in their history. Read more >> about Alameda in History: The East End's railroad families

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Growing Up in Alameda: Barn full of great steeds (Or, do I smell horse manure?)

Four years had passed, and I was on duty at our “new” Station 1 at the corner of Encinal and Park streets. My probation was completed, and I had quite a few fires under my belt; I was beginning to feel truly accepted and pretty comfortable in the fire department. Read more >> about Growing Up in Alameda: Barn full of great steeds (Or, do I smell horse manure?)