Amblin' Alameda: Playing with strings

It's summer, and outdoor activities are all the rage. With that in mind, we took ourselves to Franklin Park on Saturday afternoon to enjoy the sun, the greenery, the soft breezes and the music being made by members of the Alameda String Academy. Several young virtuosi filled the park with the sounds of the old masters and were rewarded with a significant part of their audience running around in circles and flapping their arms in semi-rhythm with the music. Read more >> about Amblin' Alameda: Playing with strings

Michele Ellson

Alameda and a list of other East Bay cities and wastewater districts will fix aging sewers in an effort to keep sewage from spilling into San Francisco Bay and the Oakland/Alameda Estuary as part of a lawsuit settlement announced Monday. Read more >> about East Bay cities settle sewage suit

Michele Ellson

UPDATE: We've passed our $1,000 fundraising goal! Thanks to Aidan Barry, Karen Butter, Vicki Sedlack and Chuck Kapelke for pushing us over the line! Read more >> about Editor's note UPDATE: We're there!

Michele Ellson

Are you confused by all the hubbub over Neptune Pointe? Find yourself struggling to figure out who's suing who, and why? To make things a little easier for our readers, we've assembled this flow chart that spells out who the players are and how they're engaged in the mega-dispute over this vacant, 3.9-acre federal property across the street from Crab Cove (click to expand; we've also attached the flow chart as a PDF below). For more information, your can check out our full Neptune Pointe coverage here. Read more >> about Neptune Pointe: The flow chart

The Broad Brush: Your news in 60 seconds

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Broad Brush, your weekly headline review. Here’s what happened this week.

The late wrestling star Joseph "Pepper" Gomez was always proud to be from Alameda. Gomez, who wrestled from the 1950s through the 1980s, sold out venues around the world and here in the Bay Area. Read more >> about The Broad Brush: Your news in 60 seconds

Michele Ellson

The Planning Board will consider design plans Monday for the new Marina Shores housing development on Buena Vista Avenue and for a 32-unit, six-building affordable housing complex in Alameda Landing. Read more >> about Developing in Alameda: Marina Shores design, transportation plans up for review