Alameda Belt Line

The City Council will consider a plan Tuesday to transform the former Alameda Belt Line rail yard into a passive park with picnic areas, walking and bike trails, community gardens and playgrounds.

City staffers are seeking the council’s approval to develop a conceptual plan for the new park on the 22-acre rail yard, which is bounded by Sherman Street, Atlantic Avenue and Constitution Way. The plan will be developed by local landscape architects who volunteered their assistance.

Photo by Michele Ellson.

More than 100 people stopped by the Albert H. DeWitt Officer's Club on Saturday to tell the city how they think a new park to be built on the Alameda Belt Line's former rail yard should be designed.

The meeting was the first of two slated to be held this week in order to collect the community's thoughts on what the park should contain. A second meeting will be held from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Wednesday at City Hall.

In February the city will host planning meetings for the former Alameda Belt Line property, known to a growing number of Alamedans as “Jean Sweeney Open Space.” It is a good time to take stock of some lessons learned and apply them to Alameda’s future parks.

City leaders are asking the community to say what they want in a future Belt Line park. Photos by Michele Ellson; click for slideshow.

Parks advocates scored a major coup in 2009 when a court ruled that Union Pacific had to sell the former Alameda Belt Line property back to the city at 1924 prices. Now city leaders are asking the public what kind of park they should build on a major portion of that property.