Alameda Museum

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City staffers are hammering out a deal to transfer ownership of the Meyers House to the nonprofit Alameda Museum, which now manages the historic home, The Alamedan has learned.

A deal to transfer ownership of the home and gardens to the museum could go to the City Council for its approval early next year, Alameda Recreation and Park Department director Amy Wooldridge said Monday.

When city leaders announced plans to contract Alameda’s animal shelter services out to another city to save money, animal lovers here quickly mobilized to stop them. But instead of fighting opponents of the outsourcing plan, the city decided to hand them the Alameda Animal Shelter’s keys.

Sixty-five days later the shelter’s new director, Mim Carlson, said she’s busy managing a staff of nine and training what she hopes will ultimately be more than a hundred volunteers – and finding ways to raise the nonprofit that now runs the shelter’s half of its $600,000 annual budget.