Historic Alameda High School

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The Alameda Board of Education said Tuesday that they oppose purchasing the building that now houses district staff in a business park, with trustees saying they'd instead like to explore a retrofit of Historic Alameda High School.

District officials, who recommended buying the Marina Village building they're now housed in during an informational session on the proposed purchase, said they will now commission a detailed study to determine what it will take to restore 75,000 square feet of unused space in the Alameda High complex for possible use as the district’s central offices and classrooms.

A series of community meetings to discuss the fate of Historic Alameda High School concludes tonight. Donna Eyestone's live video is here; her Tweet-by-Tweet coverage is at the jump.

Retrofitting seismically unsafe portions of Historic Alameda High School could cost between $19 million and $27 million, an architect’s estimates presented at a community meeting Thursday show.

Here's our rolling Tweet by Tweet of Thursday's community meeting on Historic Alameda High School.

Should Alameda Unified renovate Historic Alameda High School, repurpose or rebuild it? It’s a question they’ve posed to the public – and one other Bay Area school districts have grappled with in different ways.

Cost estimates for repairing seismically unsafe portions of the 88-year-old campus – which housed an adult school and district offices until this past year, when they were moved due to seismic safety concerns – are being discussed at a community meeting scheduled for Thursday. The estimates hadn’t yet been released Monday night.

Low-income housing, a museum, and new classroom space are among the future uses Alameda residents envision for Historic Alameda High School. But most of the people who offered their thoughts on what should become of the school on Monday agreed that the campus should remain standing.

The meeting was the second in a series being held to gather the public’s thoughts on what should become of the 88-year-old campus, much of which isn’t seismically sound enough to hold students and is vacant as a result. An additional meeting intended to gather the community’s “wish list” for the campus will be held at 1 p.m. Saturday in the Alameda High School cafeteria.

The second of four community engagement meetings on the fate of Historic Alameda High School was Monday night. Here's Donna Eyestone's video; Michele Ellson's live Tweet by Tweet coverage, plus your thoughts and suggestions, are at the jump.

Residents who participated in a meeting Thursday aimed at gathering input on the fate of Historic Alameda High School said they want the 88-year-old campus saved and reopened to students.

“It hasn’t been stated, but these buildings are in jeopardy of being torn down, and I don’t want to see that happen,” said Ed Kofman, whose grandfather’s name graces the school’s auditorium.

Alameda High School teacher Fred Chacon said teachers at the school want it renovated and modernized for student use; a representative for the teachers union said he, too, would like to see the school saved.

Tonight, the first of four meetings being conducted to gather the community's input regarding the future of Historic Alameda High School. But it won't be the first time schools leaders have sought to address seismic safety issues at the 88-year-old school. Efforts to address seismic safety issues on the old campus have been underway since 1935, a decade after the school opened to students. But much of the campus remains unsafe for student use, and has since been vacated by district administrators and the Alameda Adult School and fenced off. The Alamedan collected and reviewed a series of district reports and communications, news clippings and online sources to construct a timeline of efforts to address Historic Alameda High's seismic issues along with the needs of the school's students. Here's what we know.