Northern Waterfront

City leaders are set to develop an Island-wide plan to address what one city staffer identified as “the single most debated issue” generated by new development – traffic.

New neighborhoods are proposed or in progress at Alameda Point, Alameda Landing and all along the Island’s Northern Waterfront. So when and how can you have your say on the size of a development, its design and plans to address the traffic it might generate?

The Planning Board is set Monday to discuss plans to redevelop the historic Del Monte warehouse as concerns over the proposed development and others along the Island’s Northern Waterfront grow.

While much of the public's attention toward development has been focused on Alameda Point, another area of the Island may see hundreds of new homes, a lot sooner.

Bay Area housing and transportation planners are finalizing a new regional development strategy that could channel badly needed dollars into future development efforts at Alameda Point and Alameda’s Northern Waterfront, though city staffers fear it may not be enough money to support needed transportation improvements for all the homes and jobs the developments are expected to accommodate.