St. Joseph Garden Club's 20th Gardens Galore tour was held on May 18, and Mike Lano was there, camera in hand. Here's a sampling of the 260 photos Lano shot of the tour.

Photos by Tom Charron. Click on the photo for slideshow.

Last Thursday and Friday brought the year's highest tides - known colloquially as king tides - and with them, minor flooding all along the California coastline. Local shutterbug Tom Charron documented the effect that the tides, which are caused by a specific alignment of the Earth, sun and moon, had on the shoreline surrounding Alameda.

Alamedans were inspired by Space Shuttle Endeavour's tour over the Bay Area on Friday, its final air time before the start of its new life at the California Science Center in Los Angeles. The Endeavour, which was authorized by Congress as a replacement for the Challenger shuttle in 1987 and flew its first mission in 1992, was visible by adults and schoolchildren all over the Island, from Alameda Point and Ruby Bridges Elementary School to Park Street to the Bay Farm Island Bridge and beyond.

This weekend we asked readers for their photos of the Shuttle's trip over the Island, and a number of you responded with your snapshots. You can click the photo above for the slideshow, which includes photos Lorrie Murray shot from Alameda Point; a photo Dana Carey offered from Ruby Bridges Elementary School; Ashlee Willett's shot from Middle Harbor Shoreline Park in Oakland; and a pic from Nasa's website of an Endeavour takeoff from Kennedy Space Center. (Separately, Jack Boeger offered his pictures of Endeavour in transit in this blog post; Chris Walker's pics are at the link.)

What are your thoughts on Friday's fight, and your memories of the shuttle program? Feel free to share them in the comments section below.