transitional kindergarten

Fixing Encinal High School’s pools could cost more than $2.1 million, a newly released estimate shows – a bill that’s four times what city staffers thought needed fixes would cost and a few hundred thousand dollars less than building new pools from scratch.

Estimates obtained by the city put the cost of fixes for Encinal’s pools at $500,000 – about a quarter of the school district’s new estimate. But the city’s estimate doesn’t include fixes the school district would need to make the pools comply with county and state regulations, Alameda Unified’s chief business officer, Robert Shemwell, told the Board of Education at a meeting Tuesday night.

Alameda schools leaders are preparing to offer a transitional kindergarten program to young 5-year-olds next year, though many details are still being worked out.

State legislators voted in 2010 to put the program in place starting this school year, though some districts, including Alameda Unified, opted to wait a year due to cuts and deferrals in state funding.

Schools leaders are preparing to implement a transitional kindergarten program for young 5-year-olds. They’re set to lay out their plans for implementing the program at tonight’s Board of Education meeting.